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The Crimson Ninja's Sweet Ninja Page


The Sweetest Thing In The Universe...

  • - Ninjas are cool, and by cool, I mean totally sweet!

  • - Ninjas totally flip out all the time.

  • - Ninjas are the real ultimate power of the universe. They can kill whoever they want.


  • If You Don't Like Ninjas, You Can Eat A TESTICLE!

  • Ninja Life

    Ninjas are always creeping in the shadows. If you say an antininja comment, beware, because they will cut your head off faster than you can say "Nikko". Ninjas are mortal enemies of pirates, robots, and the totally unsweet. The ninja can fly and stab, but mostly flips out and wails on guitars. Ninjas are mammals, and are therefore warmblooded. They will often drain an eggshell of its natural contents and use it as a carrying device for chemials and potions. They is a sweet thang.

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    Pirates and Robots

    You should read this section on pirates and robots, but don't study too hard. Know your enemy, but don't become obsessed with him.

    Some pirates groping each other. No surprises here!

    Pirates roam the seven seas in search of loot and booty. They never get any because they are only wannabe ninjas. They are almost always homosexual, but how can you blame them? A bunch of big hairy guys out on the ocean all alone for months at an end? Something is bound to happen. Pirates carry wussy lasers to attack ninjas with, but yeah right, ninjas are way too friggin sweet for that nonsense. Pirates often dress up like ninjas, but they can't fool anybody. Pirates also pop tiny boners.

    ROBOTS And Why They Suck

    Robots always try to kill ninjas and show them up at contests. Robots also have lasers, but only mechanical boners. Once, a ninja totally cut a robot in half, and electricity and boner stuff sprayed out all over. It was sweet. Then the ninja killed like 49 other people and didn't even think twice about it.

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